Its Very Important To Keep Your Wood Pellets Dry

If you currently own a pellet stove or pellet boiler or are looking to start using pellets there is a very important lesson to learn. Above all else you must keep your wood pellets away from moisture or you will end up with a wet mush that can only be used as mulch on your garden. The video to the right was uploaded by to demonstrate to their customers what happens if your wood pellets get wet. While this is obviously on the extreme end of the scale, it does accurately illustrate how the wood pellets draw in the moisture. This is why wood pellets make excellent horse bedding. As stated that volume of water is very rarely going to come into contact with your fuel pellets, however even keeping the pellets exposed in an environment with a high humidity can create issues. In these conditions the pellets at first sight will appear the same as when they were delivered. However if you pick up a pellet and put it under horizontal pressure you will notice it breaks much more easily than before, or may even crumble. So as stated in the video, if you get deliveries of pellet bags you need to check the bags for tears and holes and repair them with duck tape. This is the same advice whether you have wood pellets or you are using other biomass fuel pellets such as grass pellets. If you have a pellet silo or some other pellet storage solution you will obviously not have the same issues as pellets in bags, however this does not mean you shouldn’t check the systems every now and again. Moisture absorption as stated while ideal for horse bedding is an issue for developing the pellet fuel market. However in the future the technology will become available for the production of torrefied wood pellets. Torrefaction of wood is very similar to the process of roasting coffee beans. You basically dry off most of the moisture and parts of the wood which you do not want as a fuel. The result is like a man made coal. Torrefied wood does not absorb moisture and can even be stored outside in the rain. Torrefied wood pellets produce no smoke, no smell and very little ash.