Which Traeger Grills Have WiFi (WiFIRE)?

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As Traeger is currently the most well know pellet grill brand (here’s proof) and that’s likely to remain the case for several years to come, I get asked more about Traeger’s product range than any other. A key feature that I’m asked about is WiFi or WiFire as Traeger refers to the feature as. I’ve been asked more than once ‘which Traeger grills have WiFi?’ as you cannot currently search for the feature specifically on their website. As Traeger currently still sells grills based on previous generation control panels, I thought I’d provide a quick guide to which Traeger pellet grills/smokers do come with WiFi (WiFire) and which don’t.

Which Traeger Grills Have WiFi (WiFIRE)?
Not all Traeger’s pellet grills/smokers currently feature WiFi (WiFIRE), so let’s look at which do and which don’t: Image – Traegergrills.com

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The most logical way to approach this I think is to start with the cheapest/smallest Traeger grills and move up to the larger more expensive grills. While you may think its a yes/or no answer to which grills come with WiFi/WiFire, its not actually that simple. Some of the higher-priced/higher specification Traeger grills have WiFIRE features other cheaper grills which come with WiFIRE do not. Also, please bear in mind that going forward its likely Traeger is going to update their entire range with WiFire at some point.

Traeger Tailgater, Scout & Ranger – No WiFire

So the three cheapest models in the Traeger range are the Tailgater Tailgater, Scout and Ranger. I’ve previously discussed the features of the Tailgater in my portable pellet grills article and I’ve also previously done a full comparison on the Traeger Scout vs Ranger. While these products have been updated in recent years with a superior Digital Arc Control, they are yet to get WiFi/WiFire. Will Traeger at some point offer a WiFi control panel upgrade option as Camp Chef did with their Gen 2 WiFi controller? Its unclear.

Traeger Grills Without WiFi/WiFIRE
Currently, neither the Tailgater (left), Scout (centre) or Range (right) are available with WiFi/WiFIRE: Images – Traegergrills.com

Gen 1 Pro Series (No WiFire), Gen 2 Pro Series (All WiFire)

Ok, so bear with me here. Traeger’s mid-range options of grills are called the Pro Series, and they have been selling the Pro Series for many years now. There are two versions of the Pro Series and multiple models within each version. However, its the specific versions you need to pay attention to with regards to whether the grill comes with WiFi/WiFIRE or not. I’ve previously produced a Gen 1 vs Gen Traeger Pro Series comparison, but I’ll state it simply here. None of the early Gen 1 Pro Series grills come with WiFire. However, all of the Gen 2 Series Pro Series grills have WiFire functionality.

Traeger Pro Series Grills With and Without WiFire
On the left is a Gen 1 Pro Series (No WiFire) and on the right is a Gen 2 Pro Series (All WiFire): Images – Traegergrills.com

Basically, WiFire integration was introduced at the same time that Traeger introduced their improved D2 Direct Drive system. Essentially an improved set of brushless motors which are more reliable and powerful compared to previous designs. Furthermore, D2 Direct Drive variable speed motors work better with the PID algorithm which was included in the D2 control panels which came with WiFi/WiFire integration. If you have no idea what on earth I’m talking about, don’t worry, my article on how a pellet grill works will make it all clear.

Now, eventually, the Gen 1 Pro Series will be phased out. For instance, they are no longer in stock on the Traeger website. However, Gen 1 Pro Series models are still found around the web from various resellers, Amazon, Walmart etc. Also, there is a growing supply of second hand Gen 1 Pro Series grills coming on the market from owners upgrading to Gen 2 Pro Series models. The point being, if WiFi/WiFire really is a feature you want in your Traeger grill, you will only get it from a Gen 2 Pro Series, or the higher-spec models below.

Ironwood and Timberline Models – All WiFire With Additional Features

As the Ironwood and Timberline models are positioned at a higher price point as you would (and should) expect all models under those specifications come with WiFire included. However, due to the slightly different D2 control panels fitted to these models, it gives them some additional WiFire features as well. Namely, Ironwood and Timberline Traeger grills have two more functions, Keep Warm and Super Smoke.

Traeger Ironwood & Timblerine With WiFi/WiFIRE
All Traeger Ironwood and Timberline models come with WiFire. However, its a WiFire version with more features over the Gen 2 Pro Series: Images – Traegergrills.com

The Keep Warm mode is exactly as it sounds, its a mode you can put either an Ironwood or Timberline grill into at the end of the cook. Let’s say you are down the shops etc and the pellet grill has a piece of meat cooking which the WiFire app is monitoring via the internal temperature sensor. The WiFire app is showing the meat has reached the correct internal temperature to be cooked, but you’re down the shops. You don’t want the meat to be cold when you get back, but you also don’t want to overcook it. You can therefore with the WiFire app put the grill into Keep Warm mode, where it will hold the temperature inside the grill to 165 degrees.

Super Smoke mode again, is pretty much as it sounds, it a means to provide additional smokey flavour when cooking in the 165-225 temperature range. While the new Traeger D2 control panels which feature WiFire and a PID algorithm provide more accurate cooking temperatures within 5 degrees, that is actually counter-intuitive for smoke production. Smoke comes from inefficient combustion, in other words, the mixture of fuel (pellet) and the air isn’t perfect. Super Smoke mode deliberately drops the fan speed to create smoke, however, it does so in a controlled/limited fashion not to disrupt the internal temperature too much.

Other pellet grills brands such as Camp Chef with their Woodwind range have a similar smoke control function within their PID control panels. Brands such as Grilla Grills have gone for a different approach with their Alpha control panel fitting both previous generation and modern PID temperature control within the same panel. The point being, Super Smoke which can be activated via WiFire on Traeger Ironwood and Timberline models is a nice feature to have. Its a shame its not also fitted to the Pro Series as well.

Other Traeger Models – How To Tell If They Have WiFire?

Ok, so the Traeger grills I’ve referenced above are the main core models of the Traeger product range. However, from time to time Traeger has produced a few niche models, such as exclusive models to be sold in Walmart/Lowes/Costco etc. Now, you may think, ‘Its easy to check if the Traeger grill comes with WiFire, it will be stated in the description?!‘. You would be surprised how many times I see the specs/descriptions of pellet grills/smokers which are wrong/inaccurate. For instance, Walmart now has its own range of budget pellet grills/smokers (Expert Grill) that actually come with PID control panels. However, Walmart fails to explain this feature in their own promotional material (facepalm).

Traeger Renegade (No WiFire) & Traeger Silverton (WiFire)
Other niche Traeger grills include the Renegade on the left (no WiFire) and the Silverton on the right (with WiFire): Images – Traegergrills.com

Anyway back to working out which other Traeger grills have WiFire. Essentially, pay close attention to the control panel fitted to the pellet grill/smoker. Anything other than a D2 control panel and its not WiFi/WiFire enabled. Therefore, for any Traeger control panel that looks like this it doesn’t have WiFire integration. Furthermore, there is also a Digital Arc Control panel fitted to some models. While the Digital Arc panels did provide improved temperature accuracy over earlier control panels, again they are not WiFire enabled.

Traeger Control Panels With & Without WiFire
Gen 1 Traeger control panels (left) and the Digital Arc panel (centre) don’t feature WiFire. Only D2 branded panels (right) feature WiFire integration (right): Images – Traegergrills.com

Conclusions On Which Traeger Grills Come With WiFire

I’m expecting Traeger to update their entire range with WiFire at some point. However, until then the information above should help you to navigate through which models your interested in which actually come with the feature. Now, would I recommend putting WiFire functionality above all else when it comes to choosing a pellet grill? No, I personally value PID integration which the Traeger D2 control panels have as the more important feature. However, I know many people who do like to control/monitor their pellet grill from their phone. Therefore, if that is you, please check out my article on the best WiFi pellet grills/smokers.

That’s it! Thanks for reading, I hope you found the above interesting/useful. The world of pellet grills/smokers can be quite complicated/daunting for many people, and I do my best to help people understand the different features/specs of different makes and models. Therefore, please check out my Wood Pellet Grill/Smoker Guide for the full rundown. 🙂

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